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Health, safety and environment: key elements of corporate culture

Health, safety and environment (HSE) are key elements of the corporate culture at ENGIE E&P Deutschland, and are of great importance in a corporate policy geared towards sustainability. A successful approach in these areas demands that trends are identified at an early stage and that rigorous preventive action is taken. All employees and contractors working for ENGIE are required to be committed to the HSE goals.

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HSE Policy

Our Goal is to conduct our business activities with no harm to people, no damage to the environment and no accidents, today and in the future. ENGIE E&P requires the active commitment to, and accountability for, HSE from all our people, employees and contractors alike. We believe that incidents are preventable in all our activities and we require the relentless collaborative effort of professional and responsible individuals to drive this ambition.

Together, we will:

  1. Take care of our people (including contractors and stakeholders) in all work related activities through risk identification, assessment and management.
  2. Integrate HSE in decision making and in the management and execution of all activities.
  3. Ensure that safety takes precedence over production, cost and schedule.
  4. Achieve the highest level of HSE performance by demonstrating professional conduct and compliance to all applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Facilitate a no blame culture that encourages our people to share experiences and insights in order to learn from incidents and near incidents.
  6. Intervene when unsafe situations occur.
  7. Prevent major accidents by suitable and effective implementation of our Global Operational Integrity Management Standard (GOIMS) and our HSE Management System.
  8. Minimize our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption and emissions, and the reduction and recycling of waste.
  9. Communicate openly with our stakeholders and ensure an understanding of our HSE Policy, our standards and performance.
  10. Continuously improve our HSE performances by monitoring the suitability and effectiveness of our management standards and systems, and learning from industry best practice.
All personnel working on behalf of ENGIE E&P shall comply with this policy and be proactive in the pursuit of our zero accident goal.